GMNC is a member-supported, nonprofit organization of people who love to participate in Nordic sports on the Grand Mesa in Western Colorado. We are dedicated to promoting fun, safe, diversified cross country skiing experiences for skiers of all ages, abilities, and interests.

GMNC wins 2nd in Ski Resort Award!

What a great way to end this season! Thursday, April 12th eve at the Doubletree Inn, at the Best of the West celebration, awards were given to the top 3 Mesa County businesses in over 100 categories. It was a huge event with approx. 500 people attending. Votes were... read more

Bonus Grooming Tonight!

The temperatures, weather, and our fuel supply are conducive to one last grooming tonight. We will groom the outer perimeter of Skyway and County Line, plus one or two additional trails. This should provide good skiing for several days, and a pleasant sendoff to... read more


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We’d love to hear from you¬†about the ski and trail conditions on the Grand Mesa. How was the snow? What are the grooming conditions like? Are there¬†tree limbs on the trails? Have a photo to share?

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County Line – May 3 – New Snow!

There were about 4 to 5 inches of dense, new snow today at County Line today. The touring was very pleasant. Photo taken near Trail Sign No. 19.

Telemarking at Skyway! April 21

Who would’ve thunk?! Another excellent ski touring day at Skyway with 8-10″ of fairly dense new snow. Temperatures in the upper 20’s and good cloud cover kept snow conditions very good, although I did use Maxiglide to prevent icing just in case....
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